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The soul is the seat of consciousness and quality the true server, the disciple. The term “discipleship” defines the effort to live a life of service with its inevitable expansions of consciousness.

The soul is the intelligent will to good of the principle of love, the centre of spiritual force through which the plans of God come into being. Every form of any kind, be it an atom, a human being, or a planet, has–or is–a soul. The soul, or consciousness principle, while identical in nature in all human beings, varies in degree of development and unfoldment.

The student of meditation requires an effective source of teachings in which he has confidence and which can be tested and self-applied. Each expansion of consciousness, always initiated by the individual himself, fits him to express soul awareness more clearly and accurately. There is a ”chain” of hierarchy, or soul life, linking together all who are capable in some degree of expressing the qualities and principles of our evolving planetary life. All are inter-related and interdependent, from the unit to the whole, and the achievement of any individual profoundly affects the whole.

The human soul includes, but is not limited by, the Personality through which life is expressed. Through meditation and contemplation, and through the sustained intent of the disciple, the soul illumines the mind and inspires the heart, which in turn transmit understanding and wisdom to the brain. The psyche or soul, the perceiver or thinker, is the immortal, imperishable spark of divinity, the Son of God, the spiritual intelligence which is the real man.

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