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The science of meditation is based on work with subjective energies. The skilled meditator is able to cooperate in meditation with others in distributing such energies where they are most needed through the power of thought . The primary energy underlying all life on this planet is the energy of love radiating from God, or the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.

Just as the human heartbeat sets the rhythm by which blood circulates through the body, the energy of love flows through life with its own rate and rhythm. In the case of our planet earth, the ebb and flow of love from the heart of the sun is indicated by the cycles of the moon. The time of the full moon is the high tide of the planetary flow simply because the moon is out of the way; it is directly opposite the sun. During the period of the full moon everyone can participate more fully in the flow of divine love while the energy flow is at its peak. Each full moon makes it possible to become a conscious part of a great planetary process–the sweeping tide of energy known as the sixfold progression of divine love.

‘This progression begins symbolically in the planetary head centre (Shamballa), the centre of planetary purpose and will, the centre where the will -to-good originates. This will-to-good is transmitted as essential love. From the planetary head centre the stream of love moves to the planetary heart, the spiritual Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is the Kingdom of Souls, the fifth kingdom in nature or the kingdom of God. It is comprised of those who have passed beyond the strictly human stage of evolution to what might be considered the superhuman stage. The Hierarchy is the repository of planetary love and wisdom and formulates the Plan of light and love which implements God’s Purpose and draws mankind forward.

As the flow of love reaches the Hierarchy it is focused into a single point– the heart of love within the Hierarchy, the Christ. ‘This is the living Christ, the teacher of angels and men, the eldest within that great family of brothers, humanity. The Christ, standing as the head of the spiritual Hierarchy is the same great world Teacher who is known by many different names in the major world religions.

From the Christ, the stream of divine love flows into the new group of world servers, a group of subjectively linked individuals working in their own place and way to embody the light and love needed in the world today. This group of servers transmits the flow of light and love into the hearts of men and women of goodwill everywhere–those who are responsive to love and to the idea of right human relations.

The flow of love finally emerges into physical expression by means of various focal points through which the Christ can work. A focal point might be, for example, a major planetary centre such as New York, London or Geneva, or a significant world organisation such as the United Nations.

This is the sixfold progression of divine love underlying all meditation. From the centre where the will of God is known, through the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, through the point at the heart of the Hierarchy, the Christ, from the Christ through the new group of world servers who, in their turn, direct it towards the men and women of goodwill all over the world, and then into human activities on the outer physical plane of life.

Everyone is a part of this living process. Anyone can become a conscious participant in this flow of love, in this subjective planetary reality which underlies the outer world of affairs.

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