The following information is provided by the Lucis Trust.  The Lucis Trust is a nonprofit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey, to act as a trust for the publishing of twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy publised under Alice Bailey’s name, and to fund and administer activities concerned with the establishment of “right human relations”. These include the Arcane School, a school for esoteric training, World Goodwill, Trianglesa lending library, The Beacon magazineas well as the publishing company.

Meditation is, or should be, a deeply spiritual experience. It leads to right relationship with God and to right human relationships in everyday life. It is essentially the means par excellence of establishing alignment between the various aspects of planetary life which. from the angle of consciousness and of form, appear to be separate.

Creative meditation begins with an alignment exercise and results in a deeper, more extensive and more sustained alignment between the meditator and his whole environment. Alignment brings the various levels and states of consciousness “into line” with one another, or into correct relative adjustment.

In meditation alignment concerns the mental body–the mind; the emotional/feeling nature–the heart; the etheric or energy body and the physical self. When these are integrated into a unity, they can be aligned with the soul itself, the spiritual Self. A channel of communication is thereby created linking the brain, the heart, the mind and the soul; the life energy of the soul, with its power to illumine and inspire, can then sweep through into activity, affecting every aspect of daily life.

In this process, the mind is the active principle. The mind visions, visualises, concentrates the needed energy, and focusses the required attitude. Without necessarily being conscious of results, the mind can triumphantly act as if the necessary alignment has been created. Constant repetitions and focussed attention provide the building blocks.

Once created in consciousness, the essential alignment is ever present, needing only a moment of directed thought to bring it to life as an active ingredient in the relationship between the inner and outer life.


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