Tips for parents of kids studying online

Here we go again, just as if we are stuck in the Groundhog Day scenario; Hong Kong schools (just primary for now, but who knows what will happen next) are back to learning online.
For most parents and children, it was not a welcome decision. Yet we are where we are, and at least for the next three weeks, we need to get back to the home-learning routine.
Check Five tips below to help you and your children to “go to school online”:
1. Keep the routine going
It is a “normal” school day, so make sure kids follow their usual morning routine, including getting up at the set time, getting changed and ready and getting through their regular morning tasks. If the usual school journey is long, you can agree to shift the wake-up time by thirty minutes or let them read before the first online class.
2. Look for motivation
Adults procrastinate and struggle with getting things done, which is even more the case for children. Have a chat with them about why and how studying at home is as important as it is in school. Kids are different, so look for specific things that motivate your child.
3. Help them with time management
It is easy to get distracted at home, so one of the ways to help your kids to manage time is to use the Pomodoro technique.
Set the timer for 15-25 minutes depending on your child’s age, and tell them that after the timer rings off, he can get a reward in the form of his favourite song/healthy snack or play with you or a dog. Set a few Pomodoros each day.
4. Allow time for energy release
Children need to physically burn energy, especially when they are stuck in front of the computer for most of the day. Make sure they exercise at least 30 minutes each day and play outside after school, especially as the weather is nice at the moment.
5. Believe in your child
It is your child who is studying, and the teacher wants to check your kid’s results, not yours. Get involved if he asks for help or advice, but do not do his work for him. Praise the effort and notice progress no matter how small.
At the end of the day, the period of home learning will eventually pass. But the relationship between you and your child is for life. Don’t forget that you are a parent first and foremost.
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