If you wonder why you allow yourself to be bullied as an adult have a look at this video of a child describing when she was bullied on the school bus.  If a child is not supported when he or she is bullied it can have devastating consequences.  The effects of the bullying are not good at the time of the event but their effects may be felt for years afterwards. This is a very poignant video that shows the lack of support that was given to a little girl from the Principal, Bus Driver and Law Enforcement Officer, These people are looked up to by all children and so their lack of help would have been all the more devastating for this child. They did not support this little girl as they discredited her words and  they make no attempt to stop the bullying.  The fact that the officer almost called her a liar by saying ‘the bus driver would not do that’ further undermines her confidence and trust.   This a very sad thing for an eight year old to go through and unless the emotional trauma is dealt with appropriately as she grows up she will forever be affected and wounded by this event. What Bullying Does

This wound will cause her all sorts of problems in her life.  Bullying can eventually lead to depression and fear, it has to be addressed and stopped at the source.  Thank goodness the mother supported her child and no doubt that will be a comfort to the little girl. Indeed, I wonder how the mum  continued to video as she must have been feeling absolutely awful. However it is great that the mum decided to do something about the bullying and the little brother, well he was quite amazing. This video of the 8-year-old girl’s giving her heartbreaking account of being bullied went viral, garnering more than 22,000 views in just a 24-hour period which demonstrates how interested people are in the subject of bullying.

We are all subjected to bullying at different levels. It can happen when shopping, walking down the street, at work and often at home.  Bullying can manifest in every avenue of life.

However, bullies can only exist if there is someone to bully and the type of person that gets bullied  tends to lack assertiveness and at an unconscious level seems to radiate fear. So when a person allows him or herself to be bullied, s/he must have some long-term fearful memory within their psyche. This memory is very fearful and as a result it does not allow them to stand up to the bully. Or, when they try to, it only takes a breath of wind for them to crumble.

If you find yourself crumbling when you try and stand up to being bullied remember this little girl and how unjust you think her treatment has been.  Then reflect on your own life and appreciate as an adult you have the tools to correct any childhood bullying you have experienced, You do that by not crumbling, instead you appreciate you are a grown-up. You re more than capable of standing up for yourself – you have a voice that will be heard. If necessary you can give back as good as you got – a bit like the little brother seems to have done.

Good luck and if you have any inspiring stories to tell – post them to our Facebook Kumara Healing Connections community and help other adults overcome their fear of bullying.