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I  was struggling with overthinking and feeling anxious in my day-to-day life. I was very lucky to find Nimishaa. She shared a couple of tips which help me every day. Some of the practices that she shared are so simple but eye-opening for me. She is very flexible and manages every session based on my mood on that day and my expectations. Some days I just feel like sharing my feelings and talking everything out. On other days I am in a more exploring mood and willing to learn more techniques and solutions. I recommend Nimishaa if you are struggling with overthinking, anxiety or worrying. And, if the question of your life purpose bothers you, Nimishaa can help by asking the right questions – your answers will help you know yourself better.

Anon – Hong Kong


Melody is a very patient and intelligent listener. I am often stuck in my own perspective and get “lost” in my world when I run into issues. Melody will empathise with me and share views from different angles which are easily missed when my judgement is clouded by emotions. I am always able to feel better and relieved after speaking to Melody. Melody is also great with her practical advice. She offers step-by-step, achievable suggestions that suit my personality. I have nothing else but praise for Melody’s mentoring, and for years she has certainly played a key role in my mental growth!

Michelle Wong (Hong Kong)  –  Melody’s Mentee since 2008


I really appreciate how Elise creates a safe space for me to share without feeling judged. Her relaxed and calm nature instantly puts me at ease. She listens attentively and without judgment, allowing me to confront some of my deepest fears and most difficult challenges that I would have otherwise been too ashamed to voice. With Elise, I feel understood, heard, and valued.

Anon – Hong Kong