Signs and Symptoms

Depression can go on for a long time and the first thing that will be noticeable is a change in behaviour.  Everyone experiences different moods and behaviours but if it goes on a long time, it may indicate that you are depressed.

Physical symptoms can include:

  • Feeling run down
  • Not sleeping well
  • Change of appetite
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Physical pain

Emotional Symptoms can include:

  • Being easily overwhelmed
  • Guilt
  • Frustration
  • Feeling miserable
  • Very Irritable
  • Not able to make a decision

Mental symptoms can include:

  • Thinking you are worthless
  • Believing you are a failure
  • Life is not worth living.

If you think you know someone who is experiencing depression then you can help them by taking with them and encouraging them to see a doctor.  There are many checklists available on the internet if you or someone you know believe they may be suffering from depression.

Beyond Blue Checklist.